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Luxury with purpose

It's more than just shoes

Are you ready for an amazing online shopping experience? Check out Pennyip's collection, where you’ll find an exclusive selection of artisanal shoes made with an appreciation for design, quality and a genuine respect for our precious planet.

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About Pennyip

Pennyip was founded by a shoe expert with over 10 years experience that wanted to move forward and do more than just fulfil a shopper's retail need. Our e-store offers exclusive limited edition shoes sourced and made by the best artists, craftsmen and creatives from all walks of life from all over the world while maintaining a high standard of quality, style and fit. 

Our brand values the basic waste hierarchy of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. Where we are committed to seek the best alternative solutions in making our products- even if it makes our processes challenging at times. We believe luxury fashion can do better by offering more important values to customers than just beautiful shoes. For example, we do not believe in affordable mass production but work with styles in limited numbers every month until they are sold out. This avoids unnecessary waste and every pair sold helps a social or environmental cause that we believe in.

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